Global High Performance Solutions was created to be a positive force in human development and is dedicated to improving the personal and professional performance of all people whether they work in companies, organizations, communities, governments, or participate in sports.

Our inspiration comes from the sporting world where athletes, from juniors to elite, practice a holistic development discipline that leads to significant improvements in their performance and, for some, to world championship fame.

This high performance process was adapted and refined by GHPS for everyday use in businesses and organizations as the iMotivate™ Employee Performance System.

In order to reach, touch and help as many people and companies as possible, we realized our method had to be simple, so it would be widely embraced and actually used, and powerful, so progress and success could be readily seen and measured.

What does every executive leadership team seek for its organization? Enhanced employee engagement, effectiveness, unity, loyalty, goal alignment and retention - all traits, if improved, lead to increased performance and job satisfaction.

Global High Performance Solutions' goal is to help companies and organizations build better people, because we believe if you build better people, you'll build a healthier, more effective and more profitable organization.